Georgia State University MSF Update – February 2020

Georgia State University MSF Program

One of the best things about the Georgia State University MSF program is their continual reporting of the success of their graduates as well as the improvements of the GSU Masters in Finance program. The school just reported another success story of a 2019 graduate who earned a wonderful position with Amazon in part because of the great education he received at Georgia State. I will include the full link to the article below. Enjoy!

M.S. in Finance Alumnus Scored a “Prime” Position at Amazon

Dinani completed his M.S. in Finance in December. Dr. Pete Eisemann’s Financial Analysis and Loan Structuring class provided spot-on preparation for his upcoming position at Amazon. By examining different businesses’ balance sheets and liabilities, Dinani got tons of practice structuring loans to meet hypothetical funding needs.

“I came to understand what business efforts actually lead to growth,” Dinani said.

Another useful course: Financial Leadership with Beatty D’Alessandro. In one assignment, Dinani and classmates explored how negative press about a company CEO affected its valuation.

“In that case, the company went from being worth $47 billion to $20 billion in a few days,” he said. “We got only 30 minutes to analyze the problem and present three or four slides in front of the whole class.”

You can read the article in its entirety here. This is a short and sweet article, but highlights the success that students have been able to achieve from this program. As someone who travels to Atlanta about once a month, this city and school location is growing and perfect.

Application Cycle

The Georgia State University MSF program is in the middle of accepting applicants for the class of 2021. You still have time, especially for international students, but I would encourage anyone considering applying to this program to not delay. Below are the remaining deadlines for anyone looking to apply to the GSU program.

  • April 1, 2020 – International Student Deadline
  • Robinson will continue accepting applications on a rolling basis through June 1, 2020. – Final Deadline


MSF Program Ranking

The Georgia State University MSF program received a high ranking and continues to show the schools prominence. You can read about the full ranking here.

I will continue to post updated information on the Georgia State University MSF program. The school continues to do great things and is one of the programs that I love to visit. Anyone who has traveled down to Atlanta and spent any time in this area will realize the incredible professional and personal opportunities down here. This is a great program and I hope this update helps any of you considering applying.


Here is a link to the Georgia State University MSF Program



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