Loyola Chicago MSF Program Update – November 2016

The Loyola Chicago MSF program continues to improve and develop as one of the few Masters in Finance programs located in Chicago. The last time I posted, I wast telling readers about Loyola’s part time option, as well as the ability to specialize in Risk Management, Asset Management, and Corporate Finance. This time around there are a few additional improvements that should be of interest.

STEM Certification

This is something that is especially of interest to international students. STEM certification allows studying at a certified program a 24 month OPT extension. This was recently increased from 17 months in May 2016. Only a few US master in finance program have this certification so if this OPT extension is important to you then this will be one of the few programs you consider. Being located in the middle of one of the major financial centers in the US is also something to consider.

CFA Recognition Program

I’ve said it a number of times, but the CFA and their various partner and recognition programs are the gold standard when it comes to being recognized  in the MSF space. Loyola just recently became part of the CFA recognition for colleges, which in addition to providing a stamp of approval for the material being taught, also provides students who are working towards their CFA charter a number of benefits.

Loyola also has partnerships with CAIA, GARP (FRM), and PRMIA (PRM). The CAIA is great for anyone going into asset management or alternative investments. FRM and PRM are both great for risk professionals. The fact that Loyola has connections with all of them, in addition to the CFA, is pretty unique.

I will keep all of you post on anything else that changes with this program. Chicago is a great city to study, work and live in and Loyola Chicago is right in the loop. The location of the program makes it attractive to professionals working in the city as well as students looking to go to school full time in the middle of one of the major cities in the US.

Here is a link to the Loyola Chicago Master in Finance Program


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