Loyola Chicago MSF Program Update

I wanted to provide an update to the Loyola Chicago MSF program as Chicago has been increasingly on both my radar and perspective students. The Loyola program is located in downtown Chicago and provides students with a comprehensive finance education.

Students can go full time or part time, allowing them to complete the program in 12-15 months or longer if your schedule demands it.  Admissions are on the rolling basis which also helps people who are looking to jump right into graduate school. The program has a mix of required class and electives, giving you the opportunity to really concentrate on the classes and skills needed for to achieve your career goals.

Building upon this ability to take classes targeted to individual students goals, there are three concentrations to select from: Risk Management, Asset Management, and Corporate Finance. These concentrations will allow students to distinguish their masters in finance degree from others and highlight their readiness to jump into a full time career.

The location and flexibility of this program gives you the opportunity to work or intern while studying for your masters in finance. This is key if finances are an issue or if you need to build your resume for the job you want. Being so close to the business center of Chicago will make this easy on those who have to juggle responsibilities.

Loyola Chicago Master in Finance Program


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