Loyola University Masters in Finance Update – April 2020

The Loyola University Masters in Finance program is one of a number of great MSF options in the city of Chicago. I have written about this program in the past and I was checking out the site recently and realized it is time for an update. The MSF at Loyola has been around for a while now and has a good reputation in Chicago.


Students interested in applying for the Masters in Finance program at Loyola need the following:

  • Completed application
  • Statement of purpose essay
  • Professional Resume
  • Transcripts

What is nice about the program is the fact that the GRE/GMAT can be waived and letters of recommendation are optional. Sometime it is just hard to get busy professionals to write a recommendation in a timely fashion. I appreciate the fact that you can still submit these if you want, but it is not necessary.

This is not a cohort program so students can start the program at various times throughout the year. This is nice for working professionals who need a little more flexibility. While I am sure the COVID 19 pandemic will have an impact on how classes are taught in the near term, it does not seem like the application deadlines are changed this year.

  • Fall Quarter – Deadline July 15
  • Winter Quarter – Deadline Oct. 1
  • Spring Quarter – Deadline Jan. 15
  • Summer Quarter – Deadline April 1

Tuition is $53,856 as of 4/22/20. I got this number by multiplying 12 courses by $4,488 (per course tuition for 2019-2020). Note, this does not include various fees that are required.

Employment Outcomes

Loyola doesn’t have a ton of information on placements on their website, but I would assume that most graduates are employed and continuing on with their career. Part time programs tend to have older, most professionally established students. If you do not fall into this category, this program will still help you professionally. Classes are held at the Water Tower campus, right in down town Chicago. The financial sector in Chicago is very strong and the school will have a large number of alumni working in the industry.

From the Loyola Chicago MSF Website:

“Loyola’s MSF graduates work at investment and commercial banks, investment funds (hedge funds, venture capital funds, mutual funds), insurance companies, trading firms, manufacturing and service companies, consulting firms, and rating agencies as bankers, brokers, portfolio managers, analysts, traders, risk managers, and programmers.

In the last three years, our MSF graduates have been hired by top firms, such as Morningstar, Bank of America, Fifth Third Bank, Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch, Discover, GE Capital, Goldman Sachs, and more.”

Financial Advisory Board

Something that Loyola does that I think every MSF should do is have a financial advisory board. This is 14 financial professionals in the Chicago area that help provide guidance and support for the masters in finance program. These individuals help ensure the curriculum remains relevant to the financial industry. Definitely a great resource for the program and students.

Alumni Testimonials

While I do not have a full student review for this program, there are two that are included on the website. A little dated, but it is still nice to have some comments from graduates. I will work to get a more updated perspective. In the meantime, you can read their testimonials here.

If anyone is in the Chicago area and considering a masters in finance degree, this should be a program you look closely at. I know a number of Loyola graduates and think highly of the school. Hope this was helpful and please check back for more information in the future.


Here is a link to the Loyola University Masters in Finance Program


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