Ohio State University Masters in Finance Update – January 2020

Ohio State Masters in Finance

The Ohio State University Masters in Finance program has a few updates that I think all of you will have an interest in, especially as the new application cycle fires up. This is one of the older, more established programs and I have had the privilege of watching this MSF evolve and growth over the years. I’ve also been able to spend time on campus so I have some personal experience here as well. Updates are listed below. Enjoy!


2019 Class Profile

The class of 2019 is slightly smaller than the previous years class (48 vs 60), something I would imagine is a byproduct of the strong economy. The other elements are largely consistent with last year. I consider this a positive as it shows the program cares about maintaining quality. My opinion is that this is a pretty diverse program with good stats.

  • Class Size – 48 students
  • Male/Female – 58% / 42%
  • International – 81
  • Countries Represented – 10
  • Average Undergraduate GPA – 3.6
  • Average GMAT score- 648
  • Average GRE Verbal – 312


Alumni Testimonials

I try and post student reviews as often as I can, but it isn’t always easy to get these. Ohio State does something nice by having a section on their site where a number of students write brief testimonials about their experience in the program. I will continue to work to get you guys full, anonymous reviews, but in the interim, this should help you in your decision making process.



Last update I mentioned about the CAIA partnership (which I think is amazing). I was checking the site recently and notices a section on “program enrichment”. I know from my time doing my masters program that you can really get as much or as little from a program as you want. This section on the site really lays out the various activities and events students can take part in. You can check it out here, but I will include a few things I found specifically interesting below.

  • Case Competitions – Besides the great CFA competition, MSF students can also participate in the ACG Mergers & Acquisitions Case Competition, the Fisher Risk Management Association Case Competition, the ULI Hines Case Competition in Real Estate, or the Rotman International Trading Competition. This is also a great opportunity to partner with MBA students and students from elsewhere at Ohio State.
  • Field Trips – This is important for anyone who wants to use this degree to relocate or is open geographically.
    • “Expand your horizons by participating in one of several opportunities offered to Fisher graduate students to visit New York City, Silicon Valley, Chicago, or take a trip to Omaha, Nebraska to meet with Warren Buffett. If you are interested in an overseas experience, you can participate in one of several Global Business Expeditions during spring break to places such as Israel, Brazil, Singapore or Cuba.”


Application Deadlines

It is that time of year everyone. The fellowship deadline has past, but below are the upcoming application deadlines for the Autumn 2020 program admissions.

January 10, 2020: Priority consideration for SMF merit-based aid/scholarships
February 14, 2020: Guaranteed consideration for SMF merit-based aid/scholarships. Note – Qualified applications received after this deadline will be considered for merit-based aid/scholarships if funds are still available.
March 13, 2020: International Students: Final application deadline for admissions consideration.
May 8, 2020: Domestic Students: Final application deadline for admissions consideration. Note – Qualified applications may be accepted after the final application deadline(s) on a space-available basis. Contact fisher_smf@fisher.osu.edu with any questions.

Lots of good things happening at Ohio State. I will continue to work on getting some additional reviews and placement information. Keep checking back!


Here is a link to the Ohio State University Masters in Finance Program


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