Ohio State University SMF Update – February 2024

The Ohio State University - Fisher College of Business

Some exciting updates from the Ohio State University SMF program. It has been a while since my last update so I will try and cover all the bases here. This program has been around for along time and has consistently been one of the programs that students sought out. Strong placements and a internationally known name are big selling points.

2023 Career Outcomes

Ohio State provides a rather detailed placement report with very respectable results. I will include a link to the graphic showing the full report, but include highlights below.

  • Received offers within 6 months of graduation:
    • Overall – 88%
    • International – 100%
  • Average Starting Salary – $77,031
  • Employment by job function:
    • Corporate Finance – 30%
    • Investment Banking – 18%
    • Financial Services – 18%
    • Consulting – 15%
    • Investment Management – 15%
    • Other – 4%

Compared with last year the program looks to be placing more students in investment banking and corporate finance. List of hiring firms cover all the top banks and F500 companies as well. Over the last two years graduates have found employment across the United States.

You can see the full report here.

2023 Class Profile

The Ohio State Class Profile is always details and I will provide some comments as well as compare and contrast from the 2022 profile.

  • Class Size – 34 students
  • GMAT Score Average – 611
    • 80% Range – 508 – 701
  • GRE Composite – 307
    • 80% Range – 295 – 315
  • GPA Average – 3.61
    • 80% Range – 3.11 – 3.98
  • International – 82%
  • Average Years Work Experience – 2.7

My thoughts. Good class profile. Seems pretty well rounded. Compared to last year the size is smaller, GMAT/GRE scores are slightly lower, less international students, higher GPA and more work experience.

This seems like a fair program that considers multiple factors when admitting students. It is a very established MSF with a history of placements and respected brand. Definitely one that can help change or improve your career prospects.


I’ve covered the requirements of admissions in the past and not a lot new. You can opt out of the GRE/GMAT if you meet specific criteria. Love seeing this. Everything else is standard (Transcripts, Resume, Essay, Video Interview). Letters of Recommendation are option, but always nice.

Tuition (2 semesters, full-time) Cost
Ohio Resident Tuition and Fees* $56,768
Non-Resident and International Student Tuition and Fees* $56,778


If you are interested in applying, you have two more application cycles.

March 22, 2024 International students: Final application deadline for admission consideration.3
May 28, 2024 Domestic students: Final application deadline for admission consideration.3

3Qualified applications received after the final application deadline(s) are reviewed on a space-available basis.

That’s the update for now. OSU continues to run a strong MSF. Great to see this as it is one of the first MSF’s I visited and always a program that has been close to my heart.


Here is a link to the Ohio State University SMF Program


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