Ohio State University SMF Program Student Review #5

The Ohio State University - Fisher College of Business

I have been luck to have had numerous student reviews of the Ohio State University SMF program. Well I just got another one and this is from a recent graduate. Great color and I think it continues the theme that this is an outstanding program and can be helpful to many students. Enjoy the review and I will keep working to get others for all of you.

1) Why did you choose The Ohio State University SMF?
I chose it for three reasons. Firstly, it is a top-ranked program, standing at #4 among public universities and #9 in finance, according to the U.S. News and World Report. Secondly, Columbus is a very affordable city, and Fisher College of Business provides significant assistance to its students through scholarships. In my case, I received a 50% scholarship and a position as a Graduate Assistant in the admissions office. Finally, the program is well-directed and structured. The small student cohort allows for a more personalized experience, and we have top-notch professors, some with relevant experience in major Wall Street firms and others with PhDs and extensive research in finance. George Pinteris, the program director, brings nearly 20 years of experience as the director of Masters in Finance, with previous experience at The University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.
2) Pros/Cons
Pros: The program is divided into four tracks (Corporate Finance, Investment Management, Real Estate, and Risk Management). Throughout the nine-month duration, you can take elective courses and follow a track of your choice. However, this flexibility allows you to, for example, choose the corporate finance path while taking investment management courses to broaden your financial perspective.
Cons: The program is short, spanning only two semesters divided into four sessions. Unlike an MBA program, there is no opportunity for a summer internship, which complicates job-seeking efforts. However, this depends on perspective, as some prefer to finish quickly and enter the workforce directly into analyst positions.
3) Who could you recommend the program to?
I would recommend the program to recent graduates with 1 to 2 years of relevant work experience, those looking to change paths from another related field (economics, accounting) to finance, or individuals like myself who studied industrial engineering, pursued a finance specialization at London School of Economics – UK, and then decided on this Master in Finance for further depth. Additionally, I recommend it for international students seeking a path into corporate America, as the program is STEM-designated, allowing for an extendable OPT of up to 3 years.
4) Anything else you want to talk about?
If you decide to join the program, I offer these essential tips to make the most of it: First, connect and network from the first day of classes, not just for job opportunities but to learn and open yourself to possibilities. Thanks to this, I became part of the Finance Fisher Latino Association, attended a career conference in Las Vegas, and participated in an MBA Case Competition in Cleveland representing Fisher College of Business against schools such as Columbia, John Hopkins, and USC. Second, actively seek employment and apply for recent graduate positions. Time passes quickly, and you don’t want to find yourself applying right before graduation in May. Third, establish lasting relationships with your program peers and faculty, as they will be your future contacts. Also, Fisher’s professors have an incredible network that you may tap into at any time.


As I mentioned earlier, love these reviews and always appreciate when students take time out of their day to do this for me and all of you. Thanks so much!


Here is a link to the Ohio State University SMF Program


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