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The Ohio State University Specialized Masters in Business Analytics is another great specialized graduated degree offered by OSU. This field of study has become incredibly popular and for good reason. Everything now from banking to tech to corporate finance has become focused on analyzing data in the decision making process. A degree in business analytics is a great option for someone more analytically inclined that wants career and industry optionality. Check out how Ohio State does this below and stay tuned for more about this great degree.


This is a very flexible program, ideal for working professionals or anyone that needs the ability to study in person or online. Full or part time, the program can be completed in as little as 10-months. Per the website:

“The Specialized Master in Business Analytics (SMB-A) program is designed to develop next-generation managers capable of leveraging practical approaches to analysis, informed decision-making and systems thinking.  Our program equips students with real-world knowledge of how applied statistics, applications in machine learning and data visualization tactics can be used to inform advances in productivity, market position, and business innovation.”

There is no minimum level of work experience for this degree and eligible candidates can earn this masters degree anywhere. Talk about a flexible program!

Students take 31.5 credit hours worth of coursework in total. It is broken up into the following:

  • 10.5 credit hours for business foundation course work, consisting of four courses: Managerial Economics, Accounting and Financial Analysis, Statistics and Data Analysis, and Leadership and Organizational Behavior
  • 12 credit hours of course work in Data Management, and Descriptive, Predictive, and Prescriptive Analytics
  • 3 credit hours for an Analytics Management Capstone using real data from a corporate partner
  • 6 credit hours of electives from an approved list of analytics-focused or discipline-specific courses


The admissions process or focus for this degree is a little different from others. OSU talks about focusing on 4 main areas:

  • Accomplishments to Date
  • Leadership Potential
  • Smarts, Savvy, and Teamwork Abilities
  • Personal Qualities and Characteristics

Make sure you highlight these attributes throughout your package. Your resume, essays and references should all paint a picture of someone who embodies these 4 things.

As far as materials go, you need your essays, personal statement, transcripts, resume, and recommendations (two). GMAT/GRE is optional for 2021, but I would imagine it will become mandatory as COVID abates. Quant scores will be important for this one so keep that in mind.


Final Deadline Application Status Notes
July 2, 2021 Accepting Applications for 2021 Completed applications are reviewed as they are received.


Tuition for the 2021-2022 program has seen a reduction and is currently $41,000. The part time program has a different cost so if that is what you are looking at make sure to check with the registrars office. This is a pretty affordable cost for a specialized masters which is another nice attribute of the program.

Class Profile

  • Class Size – 29 students
  • Domestic / International – 86% / 14%
  • Average GMAT – 670
  • Average GRE – 309
  • Average GPA – 3.52
  • Average Work Experience – 7.2 years

This is a great profile and the work experience part really highlights how people early in their career are going back to school to enhance or expand their skills for continued professional growth.

The business analytics masters degree continues to growth and the program that Ohio State has created is perfectly suited for individuals looking for flexible learning options. I would definitely give it is a look if you are considering going back to school to expand your skills. More to follow on this program. Stay tuned.

Here is a link to the Ohio State University Specialized Masters in Business Analytics


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