Quantnet 2011 Master in Financial Engineering Ranking

Quantnet is the leading authority on Master in Financial Engineering programs and every year he puts out a ranking of programs. His process is in depth and very fair. If you are interested in a quantitative masters program make sure to bookmark this site.


New York– Quantnet today released the 2011 edition of its MFE rankings which rank the top masters programs in Financial Engineering, Mathematical Finance, Quantitative Finance in North America. The 2011 Quantnet ranking is the most comprehensive ranking of such programs to date.The 2011 ranking surveyed programs on admission, placement, career services. 86% of those surveyed provided the neccessary information for the ranking. Hiring managers and recruiters from many financial institutions were also surveyed on their records of hiring graduates from programs in the ranking.

Founded in 2003, Quantnet.com, with its MFE rankings and numerous education and career resources accompanied by an active, knowledgable community, has grown to be the most comprehensive research tool for graduate students considering education and career opportunities in the field of quantitative finance.

Best regards,
Andy Nguyen
Founder, Quantnet


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