Syracuse University Master in Finance Update

The Syracuse University Master in Finance program is ramping up after a few years of being on the back burner. The university is rolling out a 4+1 program for college seniors, which is a great option for students looking to continue their studies and have another year for recruiting and interning.

Syracuse is a well known school and has a lot of alumni in NYC. When it comes time to network this should be a positive for students in the program. The program is still improving and in the future I would like to see some placement stats on the site to help students making the decision.

MS Finance for Class Entering 2011

  • Male/Female Ratio: 23/77%
  • Average GMAT: 697
  • GMAT Range (25-75 percent): 680-720
  • Average Undergraduate GPA: 3.54
  • GPA Range (25-75 percent): 3.36-3.7
  • Average Age: 23

More to come in the coming weeks and months. Hopefully this update and the class profile is useful to anyone considering the program. Check back soon!


Here is a link to the Syracuse University Master in Finance program




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