The Ohio State University 2012 Middle Market Summit

The Ohio State University and their Master in Finance class was privileged to host the 2012 Middle Market Summit, a meeting of CEOs, academics, policy makers, and industry experts from across the country for a meaningful discussion on the opportunities and challenges facing the middle market today – and how to drive growth in this important economic engine.

Below is a great write up on the event and really showcases some of the things Ohio State Master in Finance students can experience while at OSU.

“Over the past two days, a remarkable event occurred here on campus. The event was the 2012 National Middle Market Summit, “Leading from the Middle,” reflecting the on-going partnership between Fisher College of Business and GE Capital. Conference participants heard from individuals such as Warren Buffett, James Carville, Austan Goolsbee, Sammy Hagar, Douglas Holtz-Eakin, Jeff Immelt, Walter Isaacson, Paul Keckley, Mary Matalin as well as Fisher’s own Dean Chris Poon and Professor Anil Makhija. The event brought together approximately 1000 invited participants, the majority being owners and CEOs of major middle market firms doing business with GE Capital.

There were a number of highlights to the Summit. On Tuesday, Jeff Immelt visited in Gerlach with our graduate students and Jeff Bornstein, the GE Capital CFO joined George Pinteris’ finance class. Then, on Tuesday night, Jeff Immelt and Warren Buffet held a “chat” in Mershon Auditorium, attended by conference participants plus a large number of Fisher students, faculty and staff…nearly filling the entire venue. A great Fisher memory for our students!”


Here is a link to the Ohio State University Master in Finance program


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