Tulane Master in Finance 2010-2011 Placements

A reader sent me the Tulane University Master in Finance  placement stats for 2010-11. They look strong which is what any potential student would want to see. My take away from this years report is a reinforced opinion that Tulane is a great program and one of the main MSF programs for anyone interested in energy and/or trading.

Placements were geographically diverse, but strongly focused on the south (60% of placements). Tulane has always done very well in the energy space and if you are interested in working in Texas, this program would be a good choice.

Average base salary was $58k with a $8.75K signing bonus. Financial services was the predominant industry (70%), but this was not broken down by type of financial service (F500, Ibanking, S&T, etc).


Here is a link to the Tulane University Master in Finance program


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