Tulane Master in Finance Information

I just finished speaking with a current Tulane student about the master in finance program they have and he gave me some great information. Hopefully this will help you out if you are looking into the program.


Everyone at Tulane takes the same classes, except for 3-4 electives. Many students took energy classes to specialize, but with the advent of the new MS in Energy program I think that will decline. Tulane is very strong in the south, but has a deep alumni network in NYC. Houston would be the target market for most recruits.

JPM, Lazard, GS, DB, Ray Jay, etc all come on campus.  Think regional target/semi target.

The MSF program is big, 70 students in all. Most required classes are broken up into two sections. Sometimes it is all MSF students, sometimes there are MBA students in the mix. Out of the 70 students there are about 30 international students (mainly Chinese) and of the 70, about 10 students are Tulane undergrads. All in all, pretty diverse and good mix.

The school is really focused on S&T. This is cool since not to many MSF programs are strong with S&T.

Within the master in finance program, there are two classes that you need to apply to get into.  One of them is called Burkenroad Reports. The concept of the class is great and I really like it. Basically you are in a class where the main goal is to create an research report on a non covered company. Not only do you get great experience, but you are providing the company with much needed coverage. One company covered just recently got picked up by a bank.

The second class is taught by Joe LeBlanc and it is an energy focused class. Joe is the go to guy for energy at Tulane and he was the driving force behind the specialized masters in energy.


Here is a link to the Tulane University Master in Finance program


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