Tulane Master in Finance Student Review #2

Here is a brief student perspective on the Tulane University Master in Finance program. I am working on getting some more information on their new energy focused offering. If you want to be a trader, specifically in energy, this is probably the top choice.


The Freeman School has a state of the art trading room fully equipped with direct links to Reuters, Trading Technologies X Trader, and LIM programs. The trading room has been used as a model for many top energy company’s trading rooms.

You learn the fundamentals of the energy markets as well as technical analysis. An example assignment would be where you are given a future date and you must predict what the price of that commodity will be on the date. You must give a presentation fully explaining you reasoning behind your prediction.

More advanced classes include student created computer models that are used to trade. This would involve excel models linked up to the market that actually do the trading for you. To best show you what the program is like, I suggest watching this video.

Here is a link to the Tulane University Master in Finance program



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