Tulane University Masters in Energy

I just got back from Houston and spoke with Joe LeBlanc  about the Tulane University Masters in Energy program that he is heading up at Tulane. Let me just say that I was extremely impressed.  The Tulane University Master in Finance has always been the go to masters for those interested in the energy industry and this program solidifies their prominence.

Here are the highlights of the new program.

  • Program starts in July and ends in May and will be on their main campus in New Orleans
  • 100% focused on energy, created step by step by people in the industry
  • Energy Portfolio Execution class, all year round. Really in depth class on the subject
  • ERP Certification – from GARP which does the FRM
  • Power Market Simulator (NERC certified)
  • 34 credit hours

Summer Session Classes:

  • Business Computing
  • Intro to Energy Fundamentals and Finance

Fall Semester:

  • Energy Portfolio Management I
  • Energy Modeling
  • Energy Data Analysis
  • Energy and Environmental Economics
  • Energy Fundamentals and Trading
  • Energy Accounting and Valuation

Spring Semester:

  • Energy Portfolio Management II
  • Energy Certification
  • Options, Futures and Other Derivative Instruments
  • Advanced Energy Trading and Finance
  • Electricity Marketing and Trading
  • Energy Risk Management
  • Energy Strategy Capstone


This program really excites me. If I wasn’t working I would consider taking it myself. The director of the program is incorporating local energy companies into the program which will add a real world experience to your masters in energy education. This will pay off when it comes time for employment and recruiting because of the ability for companies to work with the university in training students for on the job tasks. The ability to hit the ground running on day 1 is key in this economy.

Here is a link to the Tulane University Masters of Management in Energy


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