Tulane University MSF 2014 Class Profile

The Tulane University MSF program has been kind of off the radar for a little bit. It seems as if they have revamped their program and increased the class size a great deal. The class is now 187 students, 95% of which are international. Not the ideal class mix you’d hope to see.

I’ve been familiar with the program for a number of years. A number of MSF students are my friends also. The past placements I saw for the program were very energy focused and mainly in the Texas area. Haven’t seen updated placements in a while, but I will assume that this is still a good school and program if you are interested in that space. Tulane also has a Houston campus for working professionals or people living in the area.

I will try and get more information regarding the program and any update on placements. Until then you can check out the Tulane University MSF 2014 class profile here.


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