University of Iowa Masters in Finance Program

The University of Iowa Masters in Finance program is another new MSF program hitting the scene. Always nice to see another institution offering this great degree, especially in the midwest as it seems as if most of the programs are back east. The University of Iowa is a well known university and the Tippie College of Business is a pretty well respected business school, all of which should help this MSF program do well.

As of right now, there really isn’t a lot on the website talking about the actual details of the program. No indication of if this will be a cohort program with lock-step classes or something customizable (I’d bet on customizable). No indication of STEM certified (they would be smart to pursue this). No mention of cost (I would imagine there will be an in-state and out-of-state cost).

What IS mentioned is the fact that MSF students will have access to and manage a $5 million student managed endowed equity portfolio. The program will start in 2018 as well. The first 100 students who sign up for their mailing list will have their application fee waived. Other than that, your guess is as good as mine.

I will reach out to the school and see if I can get more info and as always, as soon as I know more, I will post here. It is exciting for another program to launch and the more graduates with this degree, the more recruiters and companies will know about it, the value of it and how MSF graduates benefit their Company.

Stay tuned!


Here is a link to the University of Iowa Masters in Finance Program



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