University of Iowa MSF Joint Degree

I realized recently that it has been forever since I last wrote about the University of Iowa MSF program. As I was checking out the schools website to see all the great things that they’ve been doing, I came across a new joint degree that is being offered. Students can now pursue both a masters in finance as well as a masters in business analytics. I’ve never seen this before and with the growth in interest in the business analytics field, as well as the natural overlap with the MSF, I think this is a brilliant new addition.

Program Overview

  • Duration – 2 years
  • Credit Hours – 63
  • Tuition – Iowa residents – $11,371.75 per semester – Non-residents – $17,634.75 per semester
    • Note – this program has what looks like 4 semesters so the total tuition would be more $45,487 for Iowa residents and $70,539 for out of state students
    • This is as of 4/1/21
  • STEM Designated

This program is incredibly cost effective if you are an Iowa resident. The school has a page that discusses what it takes to become a state resident as well. Even if you are not, $70K for two degrees is still a relatively good deal when you consider some MSF programs cost nearly that much on their own.

I would also imagine this program will be very attractive to international students, providing two degrees, an extended college experience as well as the STEM OPT extension.


  • Bachelors Degree (business major isĀ not required)
  • GMAT/GRE – Optional
  • TOEFL/IELTS – Minimum TOEFL cores are 100 iBT, 600 CBT, and 7.0 IELTS with no sub-score below 6.0. There is also a waiver option for those who qualify
  • GPA – Cumulative 3.0 or better on a 4.0 scale, or foreign equivalent

I think the admission criteria is pretty fair and I love seeing the standardized testing being option as well as the school accepting both GRE and GMAT. My advice to students when they see this is to take a hard look at their profile and decide if doing well on the GRE/GMAT will help their application. It is nice that these option is there and for some applicants, these tests can help show a quantitative ability or possibly offset a weakness in somewhere else in your package.


Over the course of 4 semesters, students will take a mixture of MSF and analytical classes. Programing in R and Python is included, something that is very marketable right now. You can also take a number of electives, allowing the ability to customize your studies with more analytical classes or more specialized finance classes. Very nice feature.

The final round of admissions for domestic students is June 15th. I would encourage anyone interested in this degree option to reach out to the university and speak with someone. Since this is a newer joint degree option there could be some flexibility when it comes to the deadlines. Definitely speak with someone and get your questions answered. I will try and connect with the admissions team and learn more about this and work to keep all of you updated on this program.


Here is a link to the University of Iowa MSF Joint Degree Program


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