University of Notre Dame MS in Business Student Review

University of Notre Dame MS Business

The University of Notre Dame MS in Business program is brand new, but I have managed to secure a student review of the program’s first year. The ND brand and reputation is top notch and will provide a great launching pad for anyone looking to start or restart their career. Hope the review helps!


1) Why a MS in Business? Why Notre Dame’s program specifically?

My choice to pursue a degree in business was a difficult one, as I had never really anticipated returning to school for such a degree. I was drawn to the program by the description of the curriculum, the quality of Notre Dame professors, and the environment of the university as a whole. The MSB program seemed like an attractive way to bridge my liberal arts background with tangible business knowledge and skills, allowing me to build a skill set that will allow me to contribute positively to whatever organization I work at in the future.

Specifically, its emphasis on ethics and business values really drew me to Notre Dame. The business school’s motto is “Ask More of Business.” Graduates of Notre Dame face the challenge of bringing Catholic (or simply ethical) values into a largely secular workplace. Because Notre Dame stresses the importance of working professionally with integrity, organizational excellence, and a concern for the common good, it stands apart from other business schools for its desire to “Ask More of Business.” It truly challenges individuals to look at business decisions from an ethical lens.

2) Pros/Cons (if any) of the degree and program so far?

So far the program has been exciting and challenging. The professors are very qualified, and, for the most part, engaging. Although some students will certainly enjoy certain subject areas more than others, the breadth of business knowledge that is covered is what makes the MSB program unique. The program challenges students to build business skills and bridge past experiences to develop a unique set of skills to present to employers. We are constantly asked, “Who do you want to be?” and “How does that idea manifest itself in a career?” Resources at Notre Dame are unparalleled, and everyone in the program is very supportive of students’ different backgrounds and passions.

3) To whom would you recommend the ND program to?

I would recommend the MSB program to individuals who have a strong foundation in the liberal arts or a non-business degree, and who are either unsure of the next step in their careers or are seeking to round out their undergraduate degrees with business experience. The program is a great way to bridge the valuable skills developed as undergraduates with applicable business skills that can make an individual a more marketable candidate in the future. I chose to major in English and History because I love those subjects. I had great professors who encouraged me and challenged me to think for myself, to develop and support my opinions, and to grow as an individual. The MS in Business program provides a year to grow and further discern what my next step will be, and to be able to confidently take that step, knowing that Notre Dame has equipped me with not only a set of skills, but also a set of values that will serve me well in the future, regardless of what career I choose.

4) Anything else you’d like to talk about. Feel free to talk about class projects, the campus, ND community, groups, whatever. 

Notre Dame is a community unlike any other and I am very fortunate to be a part of it. The MS in Business program is not only about gaining skills that can be applied in a variety of industries and careers, but also about growing as an individual and considering important questions that I no doubt will be confronted with at some point in my future career choices. Beyond the classroom, Notre Dame offers so many great opportunities to meet people and to find something you are passionate about. I cannot speak highly enough of the university and the people connected with it. GO IRISH!


Here is a link to the Notre Dame MS in Business Program


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