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I was recently contacted by the owner of a company that does a variety of things, but one of them happens to be a University Trading Challenge.  I wanted to post it up here in case any of you are interested.

Below is the email I received from the owner, Bryant:

I am inquiring about the possibility of including a competition that my firm has created for students in Finance and Economics.  It is called the University Trading Challenge.  Currently we have scheduled two competitions, both in December 2011.  One is in London and the other is in New York.  The competition is different from others in that it is comprised of three main challenges:

  1. A Long-term portfolio trading challenge (long term as in 30 days – they are students after all and need to be studying),
  2. Two short term trading challenges using our capital market trading platform CapitalCMS, this challenge will happen on the first day of our event, and
  3. Our Case-Study presentation challenge.  We will provide students with a case study that will engage them to prepare a Client Presentation as well as a Risk Analysis Assessment.  This presentation will be delivered to a panel of Judges  (industry professionals and academic instructors)

Base on the outcome of any particular team, we will be announcing the winning University Teams for both events immediately after each.

The value to the Student Teams is that they will get an opportunity to display their unique capabilities in three challenges, but also have an opportunity to network with Wall Street / High Street firms for potential employment.  The website we have created for the competition is:

University Trading Challenge


Check it out and let me know what you think. I look at the site a little and check out the competition. Looks interesting.




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