Wake Forest Master in Management Student Review #2

The Wake Forest Master in Management is a one year, graduate program in management studies. A recent graduate has provided a review of the program that I hope all of you find helpful.

Why a Masters in Management? Why Wake Forest?

 I chose to work for a MA in Management to supplement the skills I had acquired as an undergraduate studying Economics and Chinese in a liberal arts background. I was well versed with thinking outside of the box and had a familiarity with theoretical work but wanted to learn skills that were also applicable in the workplace. I found that heading down this path made me quite well rounded for any kind of work in the business field.
The reason I chose Wake Forest had something to do with my fantastic undergraduate experience there. I was already familiar with the kind of student-teacher relationships the environment fostered and felt it was a great place to continue my education. Wake Forest has a really engaging faculty that really looks out for one’s best interests.
Who would a MiM be good for in general and the WF MiM in particular?
The MA is an extremely complementary degree for those that want to work in business but also wanted to study something in the liberal arts that they found passion for. There are many students that forsake a liberal arts education not due to lack of interest; but rather, in a quest to secure a higher paying job out of college. The availability of this degree allows students to study English, History, Music, or Romance Languages while being able to secure business skills for the competitive job market. The MA is meant for multi-faceted people, those with multiple interests that are ambitious in their career and with their personal growth.
The Wake Forest Master in Management is particularly valuable because it evolved out of a school known for its emphasis in undergraduate liberal arts education; every undergraduate student at Wake Forest is required to fulfill divisional requirements of study outside of one’s major. With this kind of curriculum as an integral part of the school’s culture, the Faculty are very well equipped to work with students of various backgrounds. The progression from the liberal arts to business can be challenging for some, but Wake fosters a great environment for that transition.
Pro’s and Con’s in your opinion (the school or the degree in general)?
  • Pros: Offers a competitive advantage for those in the job market, great personal growth, engaging faculty, the opportunity to network with intelligent and ambitious peers.
  • Cons: Cost is certainly something people must keep in mind, people striving for an MA in Management must have a passion for business and self improvement due to the strenuous workload
Anything else you want to say about the program or other topics?
Getting the Wake Forest Masters in Management was one of the best moves I made for my career and life. I grew in many unexpected ways over the course of a year and am extremely thankful to have studied the material I did, met the professors that taught me, and collaborated with numerous like-minded peers.


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