Wake Forest Masters in Management Update – April 2023

The Wake Forest Masters in Management is one of the older specialized management degrees out there and I wrote a refreshed overview of the program late last year. In an effort to stay on top of these programs, I was checking out the website and see they have some new placement information as well as admissions timeless. Wanted to keep everyone updated so check out the most recent information below.


I have written about Wake Forests MSM placements in the past and it is always great when a university updates its career outcomes. The report for 2022 looks great and includes some great detail. I’ve downloaded the report and you can access it here. Below are the highlights.

  • Class Size – 97 graduates
  • Placements (6 months from graduation) – 95%
  • Industry:
    • Consulting – 20%
    • Technology/Science – 20%
    • Financial Services – 15%
    • Marketing/Advertising/HR – 7%
    • Healthcare – 7%
    • Other – 30%

The university also includes a list of hiring firms. You can find the full list in the link above, but I pulled some of the more prominent names.

AccentureHarris WilliamsOliver Wyma
CignaIBMMorgan Stanley
FidelityHome DepotMicrosoft
GE AviationJefferiesWalmart Marketplace

As you can see, a great mix of well known firms. Lots of finance, consulting and F500. This program has been around for a while now so the list of alumni as well as their levels within these firms is obviously impressive. A major help and asset when considering which specialized masters to attend.


The application is pretty standard. Resume, essays, transcripts, test scores. A GMAT/GRE waiver is available if you have a GPA of 3.2 or better and at least two grades of B or better in quantitative or other rigorous coursework, from a U.S.-based college/university. Check with the school to confirm this.

Below are the deadlines for your applications.

  • International Students
    • April 15th (outside the US)
    • May 15th (inside the US)
  • Domestic Students
    • June 1st

Also, keep in mind that this program is looking for non-business major undergraduates who have less than 2 years of work experience. If you are over or close to this amount of post-college experience, email them to confirm eligibility.

Tuition is currently (4/23) $49,928 for the program, plus fees. There are a number of scholarships and other ways to reduce the cost of attendance as well.

Dual Degree Program

Something that I think is interesting and unique about this Masters in Management is the ability to combine two degrees with the MSM degree. Wake Forest gives you two options for this.

  1. International Leaders Program – 2 years and graduates earn a Masters in Management and a Masters in Business Analytics. Each degree is 10-months long and costs is $50,756 for the MSM and $53,976 for the MSBA.
  2. Emerging Leaders Program – 34 month program where graduates earn a Masters in Management and a MMS in Physician Assistant Studies.

I think the Emerging Leaders option is pretty cool and I haven’t seen something like this before. Great way to have a business and medical education and I would imagine you would be highly sought after upon completing this degree path.

That is the update for now. Wake Forest has a number of Ambassadors that you can read about and I believe connect with. I found the programs website to be very easy to read and there was a lot of information.


Here is a link to the Wake Forest Masters in Management Program


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