Wake Forest Masters in Management Student Review #3

Wake Forest offers a one year Masters in Management degree providing students with an intense, year long, academic immersion into the field of business management. Great for students who didn’t have business exposure during their undergraduate degree or for those looking to expand and enhance their business understanding.

I’ve been lucky enough to have a couple students review the program in the past and I am privileged to have an up to date review of the program from a recent graduate. Hope this provides insight into the degree and helps any of you considering the Wake Forest program.


Why a Masters in Management in general? Why Wake Forest in particular?

I would recommend a Masters in Management because of its unique blend of in-depth business knowledge, hands-on application in real-world business problems and plethora of resources for your personal and professional development. In addition, the programs focus on liberal arts majors really creates a classroom where creativity, deep thinking and intense learning is constantly going on. I believe that Wake Forest in particular is the perfect place to pursue this degree because of the faculty’s passion, the staff’s dedication, the proximity and connections to several major companies (Hanes Brands, RJ Reynolds, BB&T Bank, VF Corporation, etc.) and the dedication of the school to making the MA program better every year.


2) Who would you recommend a Wake Forest Masters in Management to?

I would recommend an MA in Management to any liberal arts/science major that believes they will one day have a career. I believe that the skills the program teaches are essential for everyone in the business world and could benefit anyone in any professional career they hope to undertake. In my class, we had students who hope to pursue MDs, JDs, PhDs and other Masters in various fields but they all believed that these skills would help them moving forward.


3) Pros and Cons.


  • 10-months
  • Generous Scholarships
  • Taught an MBA level-curriculum by MBA professors
  • No prior work experience necessary
  • Ability to gain real-world hands on experience with reputable companies
  • Dedicated Career Service and Student Services staff
  • Diverse Classroom (racial, gender, educational, ideological and geographical)


  • Unknown degree (Each class is building the legacy of the degree)
  • 41 credits in 10 months lead to a pretty constant and heavy workload
  • A lot of the school’s connections are currently concentrated in the SE.


4) Anything else you want to talk about. On Campus Recruiting, campus life, competitions, school activities, recruiting, etc. Feel free to discuss whatever you want.

This year the 5 students from the MA program competed in a case competition against MBA students from Northwestern, UCLA, USC and Michigan and won the competition (even though they called us MBAs in one of the articles). Here is another article on the Wake Forest team.

The MA program gave out 15 full scholarships with $10,000 stipends to top students from all over the country

Students this past year were able to get interviews/offers from Deloitte, McKinsey, Bank of America, Well Fargo, Procter & Gamble, PepsiCo, IBM, Dish Network, Adidas, Under Armour, Target and many more


Here is a link to the Wake Forest Masters in Management program


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