Washington University in St. Louis 2016 MSF Placements


Olin School of Business

The 2016 WUSTL placements have been released, marking yet another year of quality results from one of the top programs in the US. This years placement do offer some interesting takeaways though. I will give you all my opinion and then lay out the data below. Hope you find it helpful!

First, the fact that nearly all of the placements were in the Midwest for the corporate finance MSF track. I think this is more of a student preference than limitations of the program, as previous years have shown lot of geographic diversity with jobs. Second, is that international students made up less than 20% of the corporate finance track. This is a good thing as it is difficult for international students to get placed. I think WUSTL is doing right by these students by keeping the number of them low. Third, diversity of placements. WUSTL does a good job of classifying different placements within the financial world. A big portion of this years graduating class with into capital markets/research. Another large section went into Industry Finance, Management and Commercial Banking.

All in all, I think this years placements turned out extremely well for the program. I will see if I can get an updated student review to go along with this. Stay tuned!

2016 Class Profile – Corporate Finance MSF (upon enrollment)

  • Students – 31
  • International – 19%
  • Avg. GMAT – 670
  • Avg. GPA – 3.45
  • Admit Rate – 10%

Compensation – Corporate Finance MSF

  • Median Base – $65,000
  • Median Signing Bonus – $5,000

Corporate Finance Track- Corporate Finance MSF

  • Capital Markets/Research – 25%
  • Industry Finance – 25%
  • Asset Management – 13%
  • General Management – 13%
  • Investment Banking – 6%
  • Private Wealth Management – 6%
  • Commercial Banking – 6%
  • Venture Capital/Private Equity – 6%



Here is a link to the Washington University in St. Louis Masters in Finance Program


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