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2016 Financial Times Masters in Finance Ranking

The 2016 Financial Times Masters in Finance Ranking was just released and I am happy to say it continues to improve. There is a lot of room left to grow, but with that said, this is still the only major ranking of the masters in finance degree.

Simon School of Business in NYC Update

Hey guys, I know it has been awhile since I posted an update. That is on me. I promise I will be more active on here. I just wanted to give all of you an update regarding the Simon School of Business MS in Finance program in

Specialized Programs in Graduate Business NYC Event March 26th, 2012

The Specialized Programs in Graduate Business is having another meet and great event in New York City this coming Monday. If any of you are interested meeting with admissions officers and want to talk about a specialized graduate degree, this is the place to do so. We

Essay Tips for Master in Finance Applicants

3 Essay Secrets for Masters in Finance Applicants   Are you struggling to compose a compelling, convincing MiF statement of purpose? Do you have some ideas of what to write, but aren’t sure where to begin? Are you unsure as to what you should include in this

Thunderbird School Master in Global Finance

The Thunderbird School of Global Management has a brand new Master in Global Finance that recently came across. Thunderbird is entirely focused on graduate school with a global/international focus. The Master in Global Finance is unlike most master in finance degrees in the fact that this program

Business Because Master in Finance Article

  Business Because is popular website focused on business schools from around the world. I’ve been part of it for a while now and have watched it grow. Here is an article on the Master in Finance degree and how people use it to break into the

Quantnet 2011 Master in Financial Engineering Ranking

Quantnet is the leading authority on Master in Financial Engineering programs and every year he puts out a ranking of programs. His process is in depth and very fair. If you are interested in a quantitative masters program make sure to bookmark this site. ——————————— New York– Quantnet

Master in Finance Group on LinkedIn

I wanted to remind everyone about the Master in Finance LinkedIn group that has been created. It has over 950 members and continues to grow. There has been a growing amount of conversation among members and it is a great way to ask questions and network with

The Economist Article on MBA enrollment

Another article has come out talking about the slow down or at least temporary decline in MBA applications (and upswing in master in finance applicants). I honestly think this is a non issue. When the economy is bad or unsure, people opt for what they know, not

York University Master in Finance

The Schulich School of Business at York University has a relatively new Masters in Finance program. It just completed its inaugural class and is accepting applications for second class. It is also a CFA Partner Program which I absolutely love. The program is new, but they have some

Applications Down for MBA Programs – WSJ Article

  A friend of mine emailed me this article and I think it might be of interest for everyone. MIT’s Master in Finance program was mentioned also. The more press the MSF degree can get, the better. With the proliferation of MBA programs out there I think

University Trading Challenge

    I was recently contacted by the owner of a company that does a variety of things, but one of them happens to be a University Trading Challenge.  I wanted to post it up here in case any of you are interested. Below is the email

Financial Times 2011 Master in Finance Ranking

  Finally, a major publication has recognized and ranked the Master in Finance program. The criteria for this inaugural ranking excluded most MSF programs in the US, but still, now that the FT is on board it will only be a matter of time before the other publications

US News Specialize Masters Article

US news has a nice article on the specialized masters degrees, mainly the Masters in Business. The Wake Forest program gets a much deserved shout out. Very informative. “Wake’s program, founded three years ago, is one of several graduate programs that have recently started targeting students without


I have always enjoyed reading business publications. My weekends usually consist of me reading The Economist, BusinessWeek, Forbes, etc. This weekend I digested an issue of Barron’s and felt compelled to write about it. Barron’s puts out a weekly edition. It really has some great trade/investment idea’s

Specialized Programs in Graduate Business (SPGB) Consortium

Please join the Specialized Programs in Graduate Business (SPGB) Consortium for the unique opportunity to meet with Admissions experts from the nation’s leading MS programs in Business in both New York and Philadelphia. Admissions representatives from the following schools will be available to offer application advice, discuss


  Many of the questions I get are asking about the different between a master in finance and an MBA. Here is a great description of the differences in the programs and which one is best for you. Hope it helps! “Unlike an MBA program which focuses

Resume Review

  I regularly get resumes to review and have done a lot of them by now. I am open to review resumes at a professional level for a nominal fee. If anyone is interested in this, this is what I am going to offer. – Free Consultation

Leverage Academy

In my internet searching I came across this site that offers advisory services for those looking to break into investment banking. They model everything off of actual banking templates to give your experience a realistic aspect. I have looked around their site and really like what they

College Confidential Website and School Forum

  College Confidential is a great site for those researching various schools or interested different programs of study. It is a great expansion and addition to any of the research you do from my site. I hang out in the finance and graduate business forums so if you

Businessweek Master in Finance article

  I found a Business Week article talking about the master in finance degree and its growing popularity. I think it is great that the degree is getting more attention and found the article to be very interesting. More publicity the better! “I didn’t want to sit