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MIT Master in Finance Upcoming Events

MIT’s Master in Finance program is holding a series of information sessions for interested students. They will have individuals from admissions at these events so it will be a great way to find out more on the program as well as speak to the people making the

MIT Master in Finance Admission Events

The MIT Master in Finance program is routinely traveling around, speaking with students about their amazing MSF program. They just posted on their website this years schedule, with more events to be added in the future. It is a combination of in person and online events, perfect for

Top 10 Quant Schools 2012 – MIT Master in Finance

MIT is one of the best Master in Finance programs was just recently included in the list of the best quantitative masters in finance program by Advanced Trading. Also, MIT was the only newcomer on the list as well as the only program that was a favorite

MIT Master in Finance Businessweek Article

MIT’s Master in Finance program is one of the strongest and well respect MSF programs available right now. Their placements are continually strong and they are in the process of doubling the amount of admitted students. Businessweek decided to do a feature article on the program and

MIT Master in Finance Student Review

A student was kind enough to review the master in finance program at MIT. I hope this helps any of you interested in the program.   1) Who would you recommend an MSF for and an MIT MSF for? I would recommend a master in finance to

MIT Master in Finance 2011 Employment Report

MIT just released their master in finance employment report for 2011. It seems as if every year gets better for the program. The program is one of the best MSF offerings in the US and continues to expand and strengthen their reputation. This is the second of

MIT Third Round of Admissions

  MIT Sloan School of Management unveils a third round of admissions to its Master of Finance program; announces Dean’s Fellowships for highly qualified candidates In last year’s class, 92% of graduates had job offers within three months of graduation Cambridge, Mass., January 6, 2012 – MIT Sloan

MIT Sloan Experts : How Master of Finance students apply classroom skills to real problems

  I found a great article talking about MIT Master in Finance student utilizing their classroom knowledge in the real world. For the year 2012 MIT has a handful of real world questions that master in finance students will work towards solving and understanding. A few of

MIT Master in Finance Article

I came across a nice write up on MIT’s MSF program by Jackie Wilbur, the executive director of master’s degree programs at the university. She talks about the current size of the program (73 students) with a ultimate goal of 120 in a year or two.  She

MIT Master in Finance Blog

The MIT Master in Finance is on of the most asked about and sought after MSF program in the US right now. I found a great blog that features a behind the scenes look at the program. Current students, activities, etc. A great inside look. If you

MIT Master in Finance Placement Stats

The MIT Master in Finance program has put their placement information online and it is both impressive and telling. I will directly link to the PDF as well as upload a copy for posterity, but let me do a quick break down. Class Stats: 26 graduates 31% woman

Merton going to teach at MIT’s MSF program

Robert C. Merton is coming to teach at the MIT Masters in Finance program! This is great news for the MIT program, which is coming up on it’s second year. I think it is also huge for the MSF degree in general to have such a distinguished professor coming